World Mosquito Day 2022 Theme, Images, Quotes, History, Date

By | July 5, 2022

World Mosquito Day 2022 Theme, Images, Quotes, History, Date:

World Mosquito Day 2022

Every year on August 20, World Mosquito Day is observed. The day marks the groundbreaking discovery of British doctor, Sir Ronald Ross. Way back in 1897 he had identified the link between mosquitoes and malaria. The day, as the name suggests, intends to raise awareness regarding what all causes malaria and ways to prevent it.

The day is celebrated by The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Parties and exhibitions are held to initiate conversations and discussions regarding malaria, and also pay tribute to the work of Sir Ross and the many scientists who worked after him.

World Mosquito Day commemorates Sir Ronald Ross’s discovery about the transmission of malaria through mosquitoes. Ross’s discovery took place on August 20th, 1897.

Around 1877, Patrick Manson, a British physician, discovered an essential finding of the transmission of diseases by mosquitoes. The British doctor’s find was one of the first of its kind. Patrick Manson studied the Culex mosquito, from which he determined its ability to transport the filaria. Some time later, Ronald Ross began studying mosquitoes as a possible vector of malaria. Ross proved his discovery in 1897.

Ross’s scientific finding allowed progress in the study of malaria. Also, the so-called “Mosquito Day” raised awareness around the world about diseases caused by mosquitoes.

One of the most problematic mosquito-borne diseases has been malaria. Malaria, also called paludism, is a disease caused by infected parasites—some of the symptoms of malaria range from malaise, headache, and upset stomach. Malaria is a life-threatening disease for the sufferer. The mosquito that transmits this disease is usually the female mosquito of the Anopheles family. Thanks to the advancement of studies and world awareness, malaria is today a preventable and curable disease.

Mosquito Day commemorates the dedication and effort of all those willing to fight diseases such as malaria. In addition, the objective of Mosquito Day is to raise awareness about the care and prevention of mosquito diseases.

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