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By | July 14, 2022

World Deaf Day 2018 will be celebrated at last Sunday (30th of September) in the month of September.

World Deaf Day is celebrated every year in last week (last Sunday of the month of September) of the September to draw the attention of general public, politician and development authorities towards the achievements of the deaf people as well as deaf people community. Throughout the celebration of the event, all the deaf people organization worldwide are encouraged greatly to fulfill the demands and needs of the deaf people as well as increasing their rights all over the world.

World Deaf Day 22

World Deaf Day History

A person named, Granville Richard Seymour Redmond (born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA in the year 1871) got deafness because of the scarlet fever in his early childhood. He was supported by his family to a lot and given higher education in a special school. He was the owner of the natural artistic talents which was getting spread all over the world.

He also learned the painting, drawing and pantomime from the famous California School of Design in San Francisco. He was very talented as same as a normal person. Because of this reason, the World Deaf Day is commemorated all over the world for the deaf and by the deaf for their healthier conditions, better life, self-esteem, nationality, schooling and work.

The celebration of the Day in Sweden started in the year 1958 after the decision of WFD in Rome, 1957. The decision means that the celebration of the Deaf Day will be held in the fourth week in September month in the world. In Sweden the celebration of the Deaf Day is usually being held in the middle of September every year. Before usually three places were arranged for the Deaf day in Sweden; northern Sweden, the Middle of Sweden and southern Sweden with the same theme, sometimes different themes in these places. But now it is often arranged at one place. The purpose with The Deaf Day is that the Deaf need to be seen in the community and understood as a group who have other language or as a minority language group. The Deaf Day is an important tool in this manner. The Deaf Day is also a social function for the Deaf. The last full week in September is also known as Deaf Awareness Week. It is also known as the International Week of the Deaf (or International Week of Deaf People). The purpose of Deaf Awareness Week is to draw attention to deaf people, their accomplishments and their issues

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