World Contraception Day 2022 Theme, Quotes, History, Date, Messages, Images

By | July 14, 2022

World Contraception Day 2022 Theme, Quotes, History, Date, Messages, Images:

World Contraception Day (WCD) takes place on September 26th every year. The day’s mission is to improve awareness of all contraceptive methods available and enable young people to make informed choices on their sexual and reproductive health.

Women who are members of vulnerable populations based on limited income, or demographic characteristics such as age, race or ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or sexual preference, religion, disability, or lack of insurance are at increased risk of receiving disparate medical care.

In this Contraception and Reproductive Medicine Thematic Series, Improving Reproductive Health Among Vulnerable Women, our objective is to identify innovative and effective strategies to address the disparities in reproductive health care among vulnerable women.

World Contraception Day 2022

Contraception and Reproductive Medicine is recruiting Associate Editors. As the growth of the journal continues, we must also ensure that it is able to cope with increased submissions whilst maintaining our high editorial standards. Therefore, we are looking to expand our editorial team.

We encourage applications from researchers with a background in a range of subject areas, broadly covered by the below:

  • Health and social benefits of contraceptives
  • Contraceptives: bleeding patterns, improvements after use, protocols for improving patterns of bleeding
  • Contraceptive education
  • Access to contraception
  • Interesting cases related to contraception
  • New contraceptives
  • Side effects of contraceptives, management plans
  • Legal aspects of contraceptives
  • Metabolic effect of contraceptives
  • Proper and consistent use of contraceptives
  • Training programs for contraceptives
  • Age related topics for contraceptives
  • Risks and benefits of contraceptives
  • Counseling patients on contraceptives
  • Male contraception
  • Permanent sterilization
  • Advances in contraception
  • Contraceptive technology
  • Benefits and growth of LARC methods
  • Contraceptives and COVID
  • Contraceptives in the medically challenged

Contraception and Reproductive Medicine is an online, open-access, peer reviewed journal that is designed to promote the advancement of contraceptive technology particularly in the areas of education, effectiveness, safety, research interest, improved or new technologies, non-contraceptive benefits, and long-term health.

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