World Coconut Day 2022 Theme, Quotes, Images, History, Date , Hindi

By | July 6, 2022

World Coconut Day 2022 Theme, Quotes, Images, History, Date , Hindi:

world coconut day

  • World Coconut day is celebrated on 2 September every year to promote, coordinate and harmonize coconut developmental activities of the Asian Pacific region to achieve maximum economic development.
  • Asian Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) is an intergovernmental organization of 18 member countries that seeks to administer the coconut concerns.
  • The theme for the day in 2018 was: Coconut for Good Health, Wealth & Wellness.
  • The annual coconut production in India is 2437.80 crore and the productivity is 11616 coconuts per hectare. The crop contributes Rs 34,100 crore to GDP.
  • For the first time, India is exporting large quantities of dry coconut to US and European countries.
  • It has started exporting coconut oil to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Till last year, India used to import coconut oil from these countries.

World Coconut Day Theme

The theme of World Coconut Day is Coconut for Family Nutrition, Health, and Wellness. World Coconut Day is celebrated mainly to create awareness about the importance of coconut.

The APCC is an inter-government organisation comprises of members belonging to 18 countries. This organisation is set up to promote, coordinate, and harmonise coconut development activities of the Asian Pacific region

World Coconut Day- History, Significance 

Coconuts have been planting in the tropical regions for millions of years. They are flesh fruit which belongs to drupe family. Indonesia, Philippines, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Thailand and many others are some of the coconut producing countries in the world. In Indian culture, Nariyal or Copra is a sign of good luck and prosperity. None of the Hindu rituals can ever be complete without coconut. Every auspicious work begins with the breaking of the coconut.

Coconuts are the healthiest foods nature has given us. Mainly in summers, drinking coconut water helps to regain the energy needed because they are rich sources of electrolytes. Coconuts contain many anti-bacterial properties and are a hero ingredient in all beauty products. As of fact, coconut smells amazing and is also helps to hydrate your skin.

India’s west coast Daman and Diu and the states of Maharashtra celebrate coconut day at the end of Monsoon season. On this day, people gather at the sea or lake and throw coconuts in to the water.  Some people also believe that coconut has three eyes as same as Lord Shiva has. So, that is the reason why people throw coconuts into the water. People go to temple and offer coconuts to Varuna, god of oceans.

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