World Bamboo Day 2022 Theme, Quotes, Images, History, Date

By | July 7, 2022

World Bamboo Day 2022 Theme, Quotes, Images, History, Date:

World-Bamboo-Day 2022

Today (18 September) is the World Bamboo Day … Modeled after our mentor day, Earth Day, World Bamboo Day is about all things bamboo : sustainability, environment, ecology, science, architecture, art, music, food, housing, habitat, restoration, aesthetics, economy, utilization, everything. It is about the connections and the networks, about promotion and about our planet’s future.

The day to appriciate the plant that do many favors to the human and the Earth. Perhaps bamboo is the only plant on earth has its own day?? That enough to tell how important and useful of bamboo to our planet!

On this special day, we wish all the best to all friends, colleagues who involving in bamboo businesses. BWG wish you always be healthy, strong and durable as bamboo to continue pursuing the very difficult and challenged bamboo businesses for a sustainable world!

The World Bamboo Workshop is the largest international multidisciplinary theoretical and practical event in which people from all over the world participate as well as world leaders and experts in the use of Bamboo.

World Bamboo Workshop is an annual event organized by World Bamboo Organization (WBO), every year with an objective to spread the traditional use and application of bamboo of a particular place or region of the world and at the same time bring all the scientific, technical and traditional knowledge available around the world in bamboo at that particular place. 

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