मित्रता दिवस Happy Friendship Day 2022 Hindi Wishes, Images, Photos, Video, Songs, Quotes, Whatsapp Status Download,India Date

By | July 5, 2022

मित्रता दिवस Happy Friendship Day 2022 Hindi Wishes, Images, Photos, Video, Songs, Quotes, Whatsapp Status Download,India Date:

Happy Friendship Day 2022

Friendship Day celebrates the bond of friendship. Friendship is a very pure relationship marked by unconditional affection. The first Sunday in August is celebrated as Friendship Day every year. Friendship Day has gained popularity over the years, and people in almost all parts of the world celebrate it enthusiastically. It is mainly the influence of the other days which are celebrated like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. Friendship Day was also introduced much later, but has gained popularity quickly. Now social media has fuelled its appeal and enhanced the celebration by making people exchange information, wishes across the globe, that too at the touch of a button.

Ever thanked your friend for being always with you when you needed them the most? For always being with your ups and downs. With International Friendship Day upon us, it is the perfect time we appreciate the contributions of friends for being in our lives. In 2018, International Friendship Day falls on August 5, let us thank all the beautiful souls in our life. This friendship Day meet each other and cherish their togetherness. While some plan an outing for the special day, others just have a lazy day with their gang to enjoy good food and music. If you are not able to meet them or share gifts with them we bring you quotes and wishes that you can share with them and make the day memorable.

Friendship Day messages and images that you can share with friends. Some are funny, some are heartfelt, and they’re all perfect to wish your friend a Happy Friendship Day.

Friendship Day 2022 Quotes and Messages in Hindi:

बुरे समय में भी आपसे मुझे ख़ुशी मिलती है।
आपके लिए मित्रता दिवस मंगलमय हो!

आपके साथ बिताया हुआ हर पल एक ऐसा पल है 
जिसे मैं संजोता हूं। आपके लिए मित्रता दिवस मंगलमय हो 🙂

मैं तुम्हें बचाने के लिए एक समुद्र के माध्यम से तैरूंगा। ठीक है, 
समुद्र नहीं बल्कि एक पूल निश्चित रूप से। लेकिन ज्यादा गहरा नहीं 
है क्योंकि आप जानते हैं... मैं अपने बालों को गीला नहीं करना चाहता।

बॉयफ्रेंड आते हैं और चले जाते हैं, दोस्त हमेशा के लिए होते हैं।
आपके लिए मित्रता दिवस मंगलमय हो!

भले ही हम दोनों वर्षों में बदल गए हों, लेकिन हमारी दोस्ती 
वैसी ही बनी हुई है। मेरे सबसे करीबी दोस्त को हैप्पी फ्रेंडशिप डे!

दोस्तों दोस्तों को मूर्खतापूर्ण बातें अकेले मत करने दें... 
अपराध में हमेशा मेरा साथी रहने के लिए धन्यवाद।

जब आप गिरते हैं तो दोस्त आपको उठाते हैं। और अगर वे 
आपको नहीं उठा सकते हैं, तो वे आपके साथ लेट जाते हैं और थोड़ी देर सुनते हैं 🙂

मेरे विश्वासपात्र, अपराध में मेरे साथी, मेरे दिल की बहन को हैप्पी फ्रेंडशिप डे!

इस फ्रेंडशिप डे पर, मैं आपको एक बड़ा हग और ढेर सारा 
प्यार भेज रहा हूं। उम्मीद करते है आपका दिन अच्छा हो।

भगवान इतने बुद्धिमान हैं। उसने प्राइस टैग के साथ दोस्त
 नहीं बनाए क्योंकि अगर उसने ऐसा किया होता,
 तो मैं आपको वहन नहीं कर पाता। आपके लिए मित्रता दिवस मंगलमय हो!

भले ही हम बहुत दूर हों, लेकिन हम दिल से हमेशा करीब होते हैं

मेरे गो-टू-पर्सन को हैप्पी फ्रेंडशिप डे, 
जो हर मुश्किल समय में मेरे साथ खड़ा रहा। मुझे आशा 
है कि यह दिन आपके लिए अद्भुत है, दोस्त।

Friendship Day 2022 Quotes:

  • From skinned knees to broken hearts, from ice creams to tequila shots – you’ve been with me through thick and thin. Happy Friendship Day, friend!
  • A friend is one who believe in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself.
    Happy Friendship Day!
  • The Language of Friendship is not words but meaning.
    Happy Friendship Day!
  • A ring is round and has no end,
    That is how long I will be your friend.
    Happy Friendship Day!
  • Just having you close;
    Fills me with LOVE & HOPE;
    Nothing is impossible with you by my side.
    Happy Friendship Day!
  • Friendship is a little more trust,
    A little less try,
    A little more laugh,
    And a little less cry,
    A little more WE and a little less I.
    Happy Friendship Day!
  •  Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.
  • I won’t promise to be ur friend forever, coz I won’t live that long. But let me be ur friend as long as I live
  • It’s not an achievement to make 100 friends in a year, but an achievement is when you make a friend for 100 years. Happy Friendship Day.
  • Best friends are like stars… You don’t always see them but you know they are always there. Happy Friendship Day!
  •  ‘The greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends.’

Friendship-Day 2022

History and significance of Friendship Day

The idea of Friendship Day was given by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards in the year 1930. Earlier, it was proposed to celebrate the Friendship Day on 2nd August by sending greeting cards and other items as the holiday celebrations. The idea was further promoted by the greeting card National Association during 1920s but was not taken in a healthy spirit as it reflected the commercial gimmick to promote the greeting cards in the name of Friendship Day.

The present day efforts in this direction was evident when the US Congress in the year 1935 decided to celebrate a day in the honour of friends. Although, the exact reason for the celebration of Friendship Day is not known but the need for it was felt due to the devastating effects of the First World War. The occasion was thought as an effort that could dissolve the mistrust, hatred and enmity among people of various countries through the strong ties of global friendship.

To work in the same direction, US Congress marked the First Sunday of August as Friendship Day through a formal proclamation that was announced in the year 1935 as a holiday to honour the friendship. Later on other countries also joined the celebration and the Friendship Day began to be celebrated in other countries as well. The International Friendship Day was also decided to be celebrated on 30th July as per the resolution adopted by United Nations in 2011. It was decided to forge a strong bond of friendship among people of various countries irrespective of their race, colour, gender, religion, ethnicity and other such factors.

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